About Us

The Fine Life brand was created by people and for people who have a passion for having experiences that are [F]un, [I]nteresting, [N]ew, and [E]nlivening. We're all about the elements than give you pleasure in life whether you are at home, out and about, or adventuring abroad.

Our passion is to bring you products that sweeten your life and let you design your Ideal Lifestyle.

First of all, our products are selected to help you create a Lifestyle you enjoy, day in and day out.

Indoor and Outdoor - giving you pleasure as you use them regularly

The Fine Life will become your source for what is NEW and TRENDING in the lifestyle marketplace.

Second, our products are designed to solve what's had you grumbling.

Misters... That Do!

Want to eat healthier and tired of throwing out those cans of chemical-laden propellant and sprayers that don't work? We got fed up with tossing them into the trash in our kitchens too. We've got the Ideal Oil Mister just for you... so you can get the exact amount of the healthy oils you want when and where you want them.

It's the perfect way to spray a fine mist your flavor-infused olive oils or any other food enhancing oils, vinegars, lemon juice or marinades for your salads, cooking, baking, grilling or even to hold spices to your popcorn.

Infusers... That Drip Perfection!

Longing for the perfect infuser which doesn't use disposable filters, isn't a battle to clean and won't break like a French Press? The marvelous Ideal Bottom Dispensing Infuser is fun to use and a breeze to clean.

The reservoir lid tips back and the opening is large enough for any sized hand. Just run hot water in to swish it clean. Both tea leaves and coffee grounds rinse out of with ease. 

Make enough coffee or tea for 1 or two, and release your brew through the bottom straight into your mug. And, unique to our infuser, you'll get an extender ring that let's you fill your mega mug too!

Teas... That Tempt!

Craving fabulous teas that both tempt you with scents and  tease your tongue with flavors that transport you? We've got master-blended Ideal Loose Leaf Teas for all seasons and moods. Black, Green, Decaf, Winter and Summer. Add a touch of lemon, milk, honey or enjoy them straight - hot or iced!

These selection boxes contain 4 flavors, each will have you swooning as you sip. No silly samplers, ours are a full 3.5 ounces / 100 grams of each flavor. Perfect for yourself or for gift giving!

Mugs... That Inspire!

Wishing for a mug that fits perfectly into your palms? Want to drink from mugs with a perfect form and heat retention? We give you that and a hint of inspiration as you relax with your perfect brew.

Our line of unique heat sensitive mugs are just what you've been seeking. The mug is just the right shape to cup in your hands as you inhale the aroma of your favorite coffee or tea. And when you add hot fluids you'll be revealing the message you gift yourself with as you take each sip: "I'm Living... The Fine Life" 

Collect the Ideal Coffee and Tea Mugs for yourself, or gift them to inspire others.

We're based in Los Angeles... when we're not out roaming the world. 

After more than 20 years helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, we were inspired to create our own. Our family-owned business has team members around the world, looking for what we might bring you next, answering your questions, and serving you from many time zones.

Questions? We Love Them!

You can reach us at Contact@The-Fine-Life.com or through our 1-877-929-5989 number.

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