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Ideal Olive Oil Mister

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You're standing in your kitchen, a bottle of oil in front of you on the left. On your right is one of those store-bought high pressure spray cans of Pam or a similar product loaded with propellants. Sitting on the counter is a basting brush and a roll of paper towels.

You're staring at all of it, debating which to pick up. If you pour from the bottle you'll have to figure out how to spread it around, and towel up the unwanted excess. If you spray that can, it's going to be everywhere, and you'll be inhaling and tasting those disgusting chemicals.

Finally: the solution you have been searching for!

Imagine using the exact amount of healthy oils you want in your cooking and food preparation every time. 

The Fine Life™ Ideal Mister users are raving about this sprayer - designed to give you the lightest mist exactly where you want it. 

This BPA-free and Non-Aerosol oil mister gives you the oil you want with a burst of air pressure - just pure oil 

1) No more chemical-laden oils blasted all over your kitchen 
2) No more smell, no more mess to clean up
3) No more unnecessary calories! 

Now you can create optimal health for yourself, your family, your friends. You have all the control. 

Manage your fats and oils for weight loss, to complement an HCG diet or to eat Paleo or Vegan. 

  • Pump a fine mist of oil in your skillet to make your omelette. 
  • Spritz your popcorn to hold salts and spices. 
  • Double coat your favorite salads. 
  • Fine coat your baking pans for breads, cupcakes, cookies, toffees and more. 
  • Spray your kale, fish and meats before baking or grilling. 

Use exactly what you need for perfect cooking and flavoring. 

Oils: Almond - Avocado - Canola - Flax seed - Grape seed - Olive - Safflower - Toasted Sesame - Truffle... and more!

Vinegars, Lemon Juice, Marinades, even water 

Your stylish The Fine Life™ Olive Oil Mister was designed to let you choose and enjoy your oils.

Follow the simple directions included with your Ideal Mister to clean, fill, use, and re-use it and it will work for you for years to come. 

Our chefs, cooks, weekend barbecue warriors tell us they love it and you will too. 

Take it with you from kitchen to table, outdoors, even on your vacations - perfect for your beach, boat, or RV for food preparation.

Inside Tip: Put water in it and use it to cool off on the beach, boat, golf course without getting soaked. 

Get yourself 1, 2, 3 for your kitchen, RV, Boat now.

There's a reason our users have given us more than 300 5-Star reviews.

     A regular 'Best Seller' on Amazon.com

    Here are just some of what our users are saying

    The Preferred Olive Oil Spray Mister

    "I'm so glad it's not glass! I don't worry when kids are using it, and we take it from our kitchen to our patio and on vacations as well." ~ Julie Ann

    "I originally became aware of this product through my interactions with Jill Selkowitz and her blog plus her Facebook groups. Those groups are This Old Gal’s Instant Pot and Pressure Cooker Recipes and the other group is This Old Gal’s Air Fryer Recipes. She is always promoting your product. I liked it just for use with my Instant Pot but love it with my Philip’s Air Fryer." ~ Janice

    "Researched oil misters and sprayers and saw you're listed as the #1 choice on Ezvid Wiki for the past 4 years. They're all right! Better than all the other air pressure misters I've tried!" ~ Alan

    🌿 Health & Life Enhancing

    "My wife loves it and uses it every day in preparing and cooking meals. A must for anyone's healthy kitchen! I think about the gallons of oils we must have blown through but drizzling instead of using this oil mister. Our favorite is grilled eggplant and this covers it in oil evenly and effortlessly providing grilling perfection every time!" 

    "Love this little kitchen device. 3 months ago my wife, one of my daughters, and I adopted Dr. Phil’s 20/20 diet regimen and thus far each of us have lost between 10% to 13% of our body weight so far and still climbing, Best of all we feel tremendous and we're confident that the weight loss will be sustainable and permanent. A lot of the cooking is sauté with EVO or coconut oil. The Fine Life Ideal Oil Mister is the perfect little kitchen tool for our diet. It is a quality product, very well constructed, and very easy to use. Pour in your preferred oil, a half dozen simple pumps, depress the spray, and it produces a delicate/fine spray with no dripping or clogging. Also, I wrote the seller a quick note with a couple of questions and within minutes I got back a personal response directly from the inventor/owner with answers. I will have three of these attractive devices on my counter: one for EVO, a second for coconut oil, and a third for balsamic vinegar." ~ Steve

    👍 Beats All The Others On The Market

    "This mister works great, it produces and even, fine mist and does not clog over time. This product has consistently performed better than my Misto, which has repeatedly become clogged. Easy to follow directions - fill with desired oil to fill line, "pump" lid up and down a few times to build pressure, and press nozzle to produce steady, even stream of mist. Traditional aerosol cooking sprays from the store contain additives that accumulate on pans over time, destroying their finish. Non-stick pans start to stick, regular pans start to have an oily film that won't come off. Using this mister to apply cooking oil is an excellent way to protect your expensive cooking pans. The oil mist can also be used to evenly and lightly apply oil to the top of food before cooking/baking." ~ KC

    "I’ve had oil misters before that don’t work long. I was ready to try again so I Googled “best rated oil misters”. After getting everyone’s on-line opinion, I chose yours via the amazon website that was one that came up from the Google search. This is actually my 2nd Fine Life Mister. The first one I bought ...; liked it so well, I wanted another. May invest in a third one for vinegar!" ~ Beverly

     Refill And Reuse

    "What I like about it: fairly large reservoir of oil and you can see when it needs refilling (which it doesn't very often as you use so little of it); nice even spray, very light; easy to pump - only takes a few pumps" ~ Pete Neumann

     Designed With The Highest Quality Materials

    "I have tried several other oil misters over the last few years, all of which were complete disappointments. While this mister was a little more expensive than many others, the overwhelmingly positive reviews (to which I am now adding) convinced me to try it out. I suppose the best way to illustrate the quality of The Fine Life Ideal Oil Mister is to describe how it overcomes the shortcomings of its competition. One issue I have come across with similar items is a lack of build quality, this oil mister is quite durable with a solid plastic container and a simple screw-on top. Also, this mister has a much larger oil reservoir than many I have tried. It is not needlessly complicated and achieves its stated purpose with ease. I will likely buy a few more of these in the future for different types of oil." ~ Justin Talkington

    😀 Recommended By High End Cookware Manufacturers

    "Great product! Recommended by the manufacturer of my new cookware because aerosol misters tend to ruin the non-stick surface." ~ Hhijian


    Here are a few STARTER TIPS on using your Ideal Mister right away.

    You'll find an instruction sheet in your package showing you how to set up your Ideal Mister.
    > FIRST - Use water, or the lightest oil you have to get familiar with how it works, and
    > SECOND - Only fill it 1/2-way to the Max Fill Line
    > THIRD - Gently tighten the white ring collar - it does NOT need to be clamped down tight to create an air tight seal!
    > FOURTH - Pump until you feel resistance then take off the pump cap. 6-9 times at sea level. 20 in the high mountains!
    > FIFTH - Be sure the exit hole of the nozzle is aimed in the same direction as the filter in the fluid so it stays submerged if you tilt your canister. Press and hold the nozzle straight down firmly to spray

    Now replace the water with oil and you're good to go!

    When you're done misting, and won't be using it again that day, loosen the hard white plastic ring collar to let pressure out

    You may find the mister sputters the first time you use it as it clears out the air - just press and hold the nozzle down firmly for 20-30 seconds and you'll get a fine mist.

    If you let your unit sit for a long period without use, you may find the last bead of oil thickens and blocks the nozzle's exit hole. If this happens, the following steps will work for you as they have for other folks:

    Start by only having only 1 inch of oil in the mister, so that you have a lot of air space to build up air pressure.

    1 - Be sure the white collar ring is gently tightened. Turn the mister on it's side (while it's still sealed tightly) and run hot water over the exit hole of the nozzle (don't take it apart or empty the olive oil, just turn it so the nozzle can be run under the water).

    2 - Tip the container upside down so any water in the pump channel runs out. Then use the pump top to build up pressure in the mister.

    3 - Then take an empty glass and angle it on it's side as the destination of your spray. Set the bottom of the mister flat on your kitchen counter. Hold the mister nozzle down firmly and keep holding it down, aiming the spray into the glass and hold hold the nozzle down for literally 20-30 seconds.

    Not every oil is created the same....

    4 - IF that doesn't work, it may be due to the oil that you are using and we need to check that the misting mechanism itself IS working properly. I'm going to ask you to empty the olive oil out, and put straight vinegar or hot water in the mister and repeat the process of steps 1-3. You don't need to rinse or wash the container, just put in 1 inch of vinegar or hot water and seal the container then follow those steps.

    Every once in a while we have mister users whose oil just coagulates very strongly. They've reported that when they do step 4 with hot water and 1 tablet of Alka Selter dissolved in it it solves the whole issue. Personally I have one oil I used that really got thick, and I submerged the whole head of the mechanism overnight in that Alka Selter water, and then used it to flush the system and everything was back to normal.

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