Tea Essential Bundle - Black Tea
Tea Essential Bundle - Black Tea
Tea Essential Bundle - Black Tea

Tea Essential Bundle - Black Tea

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 Tea Essential Bundle - Black Tea Bundle Includes:

* Buy this bundle for yourself, as gifts or both!

1. Our unique bottom-dispensing Infuser:

  • Safer To Use - Made of BPA-Free Tritan(TM), you won't worry about breaking it like your glass French Press!
  • Load & brew - Set it flat, add a measure of loose tea or coffee grounds plus swirling hot water. Steeping tea expands and floats releasing more flavor rather than when crammed in a tea ball or bag.
  • Dispense - The patented drain mechanism dispenses into your tea cup or coffee mug and the fine mesh strainer keeps the leaves in the tea maker. Drip right over ice for instant iced tea or coffee!
  • Rinse Clean - Hand wash by running warm water to easily clear your Infuser then towel dry. No more picking particles out of your French Press wire or wasting liners or plastic pods.
  • The clear BPA-free Tritan(TM) container lets you see your tea or coffee brew to perfection. No more guessing how much you've made or when it's ready. 1-2 cups served or fill your mega mug!
  • Bonuses include a 1tsp spoon, extra filter and an acrylic extender to fit your Ideal Infuser over any sized mug. Logo lets you measure the amount of water you've poured into the pot.

2. What's more perfect than the ideal mug for sipping your favorite brew?
At The Fine Life we know what makes a perfect mug!

  • Fine ceramic and glazing that retains heat while you enjoy your coffee and tea
  • Just the right curve that fits perfectly in your cupped hands as you inhale the aroma of your chosen blend
  • A bright white interior to show off the gorgeous color of your perfectly steeped drink
  • Large capacity for adding milk or even ice cubes to enjoy it in all seasons

We've glazed our 140z mug in a matte finish for a luxurious sensation when held in your hands.

3. Our Green Teas are exclusively selected for the tea connoisseur - luxurious flavors in unexpectedly luminous amber nectar. These are 3.5 ounces in each canister (not samples!)

  • GREEN Teas

    • Dragon Phoenix Jasmine Pearls - The classic highest valued green tea
    • Dragon Well - The perfect touch of roasting to tease the tongue
    • Ginseng Lemon Green - Siberian Ginseng root, Lemon Verbena and Zhen Mei green tea

* While green teas typically are brewed for 5 minutes you can extend the brewing time for even deeper flavor.  Several can be double brewed.


* Buy this bundle for yourself, as gifts or both!